Thursday, March 8, 2012

Throughout the decades there have been many pretty girls that were willing to be boned on camera. But, sometimes you see a porn actress so beautiful that you wonder: "How could a girl this beautiful end up in porn?". This blog is dedicated to porn girls that make most fashion models or beauty pageant contestants pale by comparison.

In ranking these ladies I will only consider physical attractiveness, and not their fame or performance ability (although for some it is pretty hard to ignore).

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20 Janine Lindemulder

Earlier pictures of Janine Lindemulder are very hard to find, but if you are old enough to remember her in her prime, you will understand why she is on this list. This hard-bodied blonde first appeared in Penthouse in 1988, then eventually became a "Vivid girl" appearing in over 50 porn films starting in 1992. Before she started in porn, she actually appeared (nude of course) in some main stream movies. Later in her career, She was featured in Howard Stern's autobiographical movie Private Parts.(If you happen to find any early pictures of Janine before 1994, put a link in the comments section).

19 Taylor Rain

Who doesn't love a girl with a tiny, but perfectly shaped ass, not to mention some of the best legs to walk into a xxx film set?  Her fame skyrocketed as she proved that sometimes the most tiny ass is the one that craves the most brutal anal fucking. This girl takes cock so eagerly that it seems like she wants to be fucked inside-out. Warning: watching this petite, contorting, teenage nympho getting plowed by huge cocks can be addictive! Many marriages have been ruined by videos of this girl found on mens' hard drives (or so i would assume).


18 Nikki Tyler

The classic "blonde bomb shell;" beside the big tits, tiny waist and shapely ass, Nikki Tyler has that stuck up, prom queen look that makes you want to fuck her even harder.

17 Nikita Blonde (AKA Kari Gold)

Do you like European hard-bodied models that will do hardcore sex on camera? I know I do. Nikita blonde, also known as Kari Gold, is a stunning Hungarian beauty, and one of the hottest European porn chicks ever. She definitely belongs on the top 20.

16 Devon

Such an innocent looking girl, yet her eyes are begging you to violate her and fulfill all your perverse fantasies. It seems almost like something created by the devil himself. Devon was one of those strikingly beautiful stars of the 90s that became overnight superstars.

15 Faye Valentine aka Faye Reagan

Faye Valentine, a luscious freckle-faced doll, is one of the most in-demand porn starlets of today; she is willing to go that extra mile to fulfill your every fantasy, and maybe even beyond. With those big expressive eyes and amazing jugs she can capture your heart and get you stiffer than a steel flag pole at the same time.

14 Kystal Steal

If you have ever heard the expression: "a body built for sex" I think this young lady epitomizes that description. she's got a rock-hard body, lustful eyes, and dangerous curves. Everything about this girl says "sex."

13 Aja

In an era when you had to go to a theater to see a porn flick, and most guys usually had to jack off to the lingerie section of the sears catalog, this stunning creature was sucking and fucking in hardcore 70s porn flicks. It may take a porn connoisseur to recall the name of this foxy little thing, Aja named herself after a famous supermodel of the same time period. When you try to imagine a very rich beautiful high society brunette, this is probably the image you would conjure in your head. She looks like one of those unattainable girls you could only have sex with after you drive her in your Ferrari to your 100 foot yacht.

12 Jade Hsu

A true Asian goddess, its hard to take your eyes off of Jade Hsu. She became instantly famous after her debut in Penthouse. Her face has a transcendent glowing beauty. Her legs go on and on, and her body is super slim, yet exquisitely feminine in it's contours. If only she was working at the local "massage parlor..."

11 Lexus Locklear

Without question, the best legs ever to walk into a xxx adult film set belongs to the incomparable Lexus Locklear. Lexus was one of the hottest names in the porn biz during the mid to late 90s. That slim tight body is like a delicious piece of hard candy, and her catlike eyes drive you wild. If she utilized more of her natural beauty instead of the surgeon's knife, she would be close to the top of our list.

10 Kacey Jordan

Is it possible for one girl to be extremely adorable and extremely sexy? Kacey Jordan proves that it is. She has a very fresh youthful appearance and a naughty look in her eyes that suggests she might want a spanking on her perfect little ass. She has been known to receive ten thousand dollars to sleep with celebrities and princes. Charlie Sheen knew what he was doing when he chose to shack up with this little temptress.

9 Ashley Lauren

The first famous porn model that exemplified the term "barely legal," Ashley is so cute, its almost hard to imagine doing nasty things to her. Ashley Lauren is known mostly for her spreads in magazines such as Swank and Velvet. She did, however, appear in some hardcore porn movies (thank god!). It seems almost wrong to stroke off to her, but when she bends over and beckons you to come hither, you simply cannot resist.

8 Sasha Grey

Sasha is a very unique young lady. She is an artsy intellectual type, but decided to express her creativity through extreme depravity on camera. Despite her raunchy on-screen persona, this girl possesses a rare beauty that is usually reserved for the most successful (or good-looking) men. why are the most fresh-faced innocent looking girls often the nastiest ones? There's almost nothing this girl is not willing to do - but why? It's kind of sad in a way...but then I wonder: where was this girl when I was in high school?

7 Racquel Darrian

Nicknamed "The Goddess of Porn," this stunning curvaceous brunette won numerous bikini contests before she made the decision to be filmed having sex with her mullet-haired husband, Derrick. She became a superstar overnight, and soon began appearing with other male stars such as Ron Jeremy. Watching a woman like this indulge a man's needs with a sweet eager smile can ruin your life...sorry, but you just have to face reality: its not going to happen to you.

6 Anita Blonde

If hot babes were bred like thoroughbred racehorses on a secret farm, then the blue ribbon prizewinner would look like Anita Blonde. She is yet another example of stunning babes from Hungary (are there any girls there that are not super hot?) with supernatural beauty, and no shame about fucking lots of guys. Her body doesn't have an ounce of excess fat, but still manages to be curved like a girl in an x-rated cartoon drawing; not to mention possibly the best tits ever seen anywhere.

5 Stacey Donovan

By far, the cutest girl to star in the adult films of the early '80s was Stacy Donovan. The only main stream fashion model that became a porn actress, she was featured in Swatch watch advertisements, catalogs and a variety of other "legit" media advertisements. She stated in interviews that her agents begged her not to do adult films because she was "too pretty for porn." I mean seriously, Farrah Fawcett wishes she was this cute.

4 Claudia Chase

If you take all the nice, cute, girls next door, and work their bodies into perfect shape, you might eventually get a girl like this. She has the perfect amount of curve and firm flesh in all the right places. You would expect a girl this hot to be a bitch, but instead, she is sweet and eager-to-please. If you try to imagine the most perfect barefoot and pregnant wife, she would probably look like this.

3 Caprice

Welcome to the 21st century, and a level of beauty never seen before. The internet era has seen a new generation of porn girls that have a fresh young look that has never (for some unknown reason) been seen in porn before. Caprice epitomizes the "Daddy's little princess" type of girl that in no way says "whore." A body so toned and athletic, yet the most feminine curves you could possible draw with a pencil. All of that aside, her truly outstanding quality is a face that could put most cover-girl models to shame. This type of beauty makes you wonder if it originated on earth, or some heavenly realm.

2 Ginger Lynn

Who could ever forget Ginger Lynn? Her incomparable beauty set a new benchmark when she came on the scene in the late 1980s. There's something special about Ginger; How often do you see a girl with such extreme beauty, yet you get a feeling about her that she is dying to fuck any guy that comes near? Warning: once you start stroking to this girl, you might get carried away and pull your dick off.

1 Jenna Jameson

And finally we come to number one, the "baby doll" herself, Jenna Jameson. During the Seattle grunge rock revolution of the early 90s, this was the hottest chick on the planet. What is it about these sweet adorable looking girls that simultaneously radiate a desperate need to be fucked senseless (and why aren't there more of them)? Before she entered the porn biz, she won numerous beauty pageants. She has gone through many different looks throughout the last 2 decades, but when you see her early work during '91 and '92 (before the plastic surgeries), you can see why she instantly took the title of queen of porn, and has held onto it ever since. The tattoo above her right ass cheek says it best: "Heart Breaker."

Honorable mentions:

Teri Weigel

She is the only Playboy playmate that ever starred in hardcore porn flicks, and I also thought I'd throw in a (half) black girl to have a more well-rounded presentation.

Paris Hilton

What we know from watching the homemade celebrity sex tapes of Paris Hilton:
  1. She loves showing off her naked body, and being fucked on film.
  2. She is a former runway model with one of the hottest bodies on the planet.
  3. She has the most perfect shaved twat you will ever see
  4. She can deep throat like the best of them, and even enjoys choking on cock.
Conclusion: If she had starred in any x-rated films, she might have made the top 20 list.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you think I missed anyone really extraordinary, let me know in the comments"